Riding Club Teams


As a British Riding Clubs affiliated club, we are able to enter teams to represent our club in BRC competitions. See the Team Events page for up-coming events and dates.




Farley Hall Riding Club is always looking for individuals to represent us at British Riding Club competitions both locally and nationally.  


Regular emails are sent to all members ahead of events to make up teams and we encourage members to come forward if you are interested in certain events.  


The club has to send pre-entries to Stoneleigh for some competitions 21 days in advance so if you are interested in having some fun, whatever your level, please get in touch as soon as possible so that entries can be made on time.  


Farley Hall Riding Club will pay for pre-entries to Stoneleigh but expect members to pay their own entry fees and organise transport to events. Training can also be arranged at a subsidised rate.


Points to remember if you wish to represent the club:-

* Your horse must have an up to date vaccination certificate and must not be vaccinated within 7 days of a competition.

* You and your horse must be eligible. If you or your horse have winnings at BSJA, British Dressage points or British Eventing points you may be over qualified for some of the classes.

*If you enter a qualifying class you will be expected to attend the relevant championship competition unless there is a reasonable explanation why you cannot attend.


In order to prevent any disqualifications for the above reasons we request that any member wishing to take part in competitions complete the Team Information Sheet which can be downloaded from the website and sent to the team manager.


This also includes our Team Etiquette which outlines our rules and regulations when competing for the Riding Club.


If you are interested in competing as a team member or individual at any level please contact the relevant Team Manager. See the committee page for who to contact.



We need helpers to be able to send our teams to the comptitions. If you help for half a day or a day, you will recive vouchers towards clinics held by FHRC.


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